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To a T's herd is made up of beef cattle breeds, horsepower and the Cowboys from all over the United States.   Our products are named and built to represent each unique breed, tool, or influential piece of this lifestyle.  Each breed has unique characteristics, genetic features, and a place in our industry.   

All photos taken by to a T Brand, photo rights reserved.  


Behind The Brand

To a T is a term I use all the time, and means precisely or exactly.  I choose this name because I wanted to make a product that served a purpose, and represented where my trades came to a T... no pun intended.  The X on the bottom of the T is a combination of my personal brand and a representation of my cosmetology and butchering backgrounds crossing paths or combining.   Lastly, brand is what we are.  I wanted a full inclusive company that would let my creativity roam in any direction while keeping in the theme of cattle.  


Herefords were originally bred in England and imported to the United States in 1817.  They are structurally big boned stout creatures that mature early, have a distinct color and are very hardy in adverse conditions.  Herefords have been used on ranches for years as prime beef cattle all over the world.  

F1 Baldy

The Core collection is the essence of our product line representing the core traits of ranchers.  This simple formula consists of tallow and calendula flowers, which create a perfect moisturizer for anyone with sensitivities. Calendula is a vibrant flower that is anti-inflammatory, helps to retain hydration, is soothing and healing to the skin and has a light, earthy, honey scent.  


  • A light face and body moisturizing whip.



  • An intensive moisturizing face and body butter; particularly good for hands, feet, cracked knuckles and cuticles. This product has a dense texture and is best applied to skin after warming it in your hands.



  • A moisturizing chapstick made soley with calendula infused tallow and beeswax. It soothes chapped lips, locks in moisture, and has a natural light scent.

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